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Southside Dublin areas and districts of the capital city Dublin. These areas are now ready to upgrade windows and doors. Composite Doors will provide excellent security and insulation for homes and apartments.

Southside Dublin – Palladio Doors

Our Palladio doors are second to none and will offer you the best in security and insulation. Manufacture with a unique internal structure designed for durability you will be impressed with it’s performance.

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Secure Your Home With The Latest in Door Technology

Composite Door Systems offers the latest in home security doors to keep your family safe and secure. Our doors are designed for maximum performance with superior security, insulation, and durability.

Features section:

Maximum Security for Southside Dublin

Our doors are designed with multi-point locking systems that are effective against forced entry and intruders. Our composite doors also feature heavy-duty steel reinforced frames for ultimate protection.


Our composite door is constructed with high-quality insulated materials that effectively keep out drafts, wind, rain, and cold air from the Dublin Mountains.


Our composite doors are made from a blend of different materials that results in a strong and durable door that is built to last for many years to come.

Affordable Price

We offer competitive prices on all our products and services so you can get the door you need without breaking the bank. Contact us today for more information about our pricing options.

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