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Composite Door Systems is a part of the Weatherglaze Designs Group. Having been in the industry for almost four decades we source the very best windows and doors that will improve the insulation and security of homes in Ireland. We strive to be the go to business for anyone looking for windows and doors. Quality and price is very important to our customers and we will always try to design a package that will be affordable and meet your budget.


What are Composite Doors
What are Composite Doors
They are the ultimate in security, and range in pricing from €2000.00 to €5000.00 depending on style and configuration.  Composite doors have become the most popular choice of front doors due to the many advantages they offer. Super-strong, high security, little maintenance, exceptional thermal efficiency, a life span of at least 30-years and the overall feel and look of composite doors make them the most desired door choice out there. Composite doors are manufactured from a number of different materials. composite doors quote UPVC, glass, wood, insulating foam and reinforced plastic are the common materials used. The selection of materials depends upon the intended purpose of the door. There are many benefits of installing a composite door and a few of them are listed below.

A Composite Door Provides Enhanced Security

Your strong but great looking composite door is a great way to enhance your home's security. It can be equipped with high-security multi-point locking systems including hook locks, deadlocks, and shoot bolts. This makes the composite doors not only ideal for back or front entrances but for storage warehouses and garages also. Composite doors have exceptional weathering performance and can maintain their perfect appearance and structure throughout every season. They are also energy-efficient because they have a higher thermal resistance than solid wood doors.

They Are Maintenance Free

Composite doors are easy to maintain with no upkeep required. To maintain your door in its best condition, simply wipe clean using a damp cloth, that is enough. You'll experience no warping, fading or rusting. If you'd like to change the colour of the door, later on, it can be easily painted.

They Are Environment Friendly

Composite doors are being injected with a layer of thermally insulating material in the form of polyurethane foam-core, which is 100 % CFC free. This means you get a warm and comfortable house and still be capable of helping the environment. Wide Range of Options.  You can choose the specific style and design required for the main doorway of your house, an alternative model for your back entrance door, etc. You can pick the ideal colour for your door from a huge range of colours, including a wooden finish. These doors can also have glass parts with plain or glazed glasses. In short, you can create your door as attractive and beautiful as you wish to, based on your budget. With regards to their attractive appearance, security and durability, you're sure to have a door that lasts for many years. The superior quality of composite doors sets a high standard in the door industry. what are composite doors