Red Doors

Red Doors represent, security, style and value for money. Giving your home a new look without compromising security feature is a dream of every homeowner. When you want to change your hall door, a composite door is the best product to choose. The door comes in different colours, design and sizes to ensure that they fit every need. Elegant red doors gives your home a classic look at the same time, increasing the security measure. It’s made from durable material and reinforced with a frame to keep burglars away.

Incredible Home Security With Palladio Red Doors

If you are looking for security doors to fit your hall, consider choosing the red hall doors. The door is made to give your house an excellent look. When it comes to security, the composite red front doors are second to none. The door is made of different material which makes it impossible to break. There are also compatible with the modern locks system. With the elegant door, you can integrate the door with a keyless system like the biometric system. It’s to mean only those with access to your home can gain entry. You can leave your home knowing that your family is safe. Any glass on the red front doors are tempered, and double glazed, meaning you can’t easily break it.

red doors are timeless, secure and classy


For the appearance, the red front doors speaks for itself. The red colour interacts well with other colours giving your home an incredible natural look. The Palladio doors are hard to distinguish from the timber due to the wood-grain surface finishing. When it comes to the red colour, it portrays enthusiastic strength, willpower, confidence, and long-lasting. When you choose a red front door, be sure it will agree with the existing theme and enhance the overall look.

Design Choice

When it comes to design, the red front doors have an unlimited design. You can choose from the selection of the thousands the best that fits your home. You can choose double gazed, solid, stable or cottage door design. The door also comes with a beautiful colour that attracts and creates a memorable picture. Any hall door design that you have wished to have, it’s awaiting you in the store.

Huge potential to customize composite doors to your liking

Sometimes you find that you want a unique front door. With the elegant door, you have the choice of customizing the door to your liking. Although customization will cost you extra cash, it’s worth it. With the elegant door, you are entitled to greatness through customization. Once you talk with your suppliers, they will guide you on how to up with a unique design.

Draught Free

Composite front door is well insulated to ensure that you don’t get the cold spot or draught. It doesn’t matter the weather outside, with the right insulation and the composite door you will achieve energy rating. Most of the composite doors happen to be 17% more efficient than most timber doors. Red hall doors are ideal when it comes to energy savings due to the insulation.
Without a doubt, the composite front door is the best option for modern homes. With the elegant look, unique design and secure performance, the composite door gives you the best value for your money.

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