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Portlaoise doors and windows are now available with improved security systems. If you live in Portlaoise or the surrounding townlands, you may be thinking about upgrading your doors and windows. At Composite Door Systems we continue our expansion to various locations in Leinster and Portlaoise is one of them. Portlaoise a well-established town with an estimated population of 25,000 people is very well populated. Of all the towns in Ireland, it is one of the fastest growing in the country. It was built in the sixteenth century, a medieval town, built by English settlers.

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As the town is only a short distance from the M7 it can be vulnerable, in terms of burglaries. The Garda’s presence in the town is noticeable and they do a terrific job of patrolling and protecting all residents in the town and surrounding parishes, such as Ballyfin, Clonad and the Heath. They are well known for their rapid response and courtesy on every occasion. They are also well supported by the locals. Portlaoise would be known as a commercial centre. It has great shopping centres and a perfected appointed railway station. With all the homes in and around the town, Composite Door Systems and Weatherglaze offer secure doors and windows to enhance security and increase insulation.


The town was originally known as Maryborough. It was originally an old fort. The remains of the fort can be viewed in the town centre. Sir Edward Bellingham who was the Lord Deputy began overseeing the construction in around 1548. This was after exiling the native Celtic chieftain and securing English control of the town. The fort’s position was near the Ridge by the banks of the river Triogue.

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Queen Mary, fully established the town through an act of Parliament in 1557. Hence the town was known as Maryborough or Queens County. The Catholic Church was constructed in 1556. After Queen Mary’s half sister, Elizabeth was made Queen the church was used for Protestant services. Ruairi Og O Mordha was a local chieftain and a rebellious character, he fought to have his lands returned. He started a rebellion that lasted for fifty years. Over this period Portlaoise had been set alight on many occasions. In 1801 the town was returned to the Irish people. A new Church of Ireland was constructed in around 1804 and the town now had a new market square also. The County Jail was designed by William Butler in 1830 and has been inhabited by some notorious inmates.

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