How to adjust French Doors

How to adjust French Doors is a very simple process and may need to be done from time to time. All you need is a set of allen keys which can be purchased in any good hardware store. A star or flat head screw driver and a little patience. The reason manufacturers make the doors with adjustable hinges is exactly for the reason that they can be adjusted.

How to adjust French Doors Easily

French Doors are usually a set of two doors in one frame that can be opened in or out. If the doors open out the hinges are on the outside and if they open in they are on the inside. There are various types of Weatherglaze hinges and the most common one is where the hole for inserting the allen key is on the side of the hinge. Just insert the allen key and turn right or left and you will see the doors coming closer together or getting further apart. how to adjust french doors Please watch the video of how to adjust doors. Click Adjust Doors

Casement Doors

This is normally one door in it's own frame and similar to French Door can open in our out. The adjustments for uPVC Back Door or Front Doors are the same as French Doors. The same hinge is used on both.

Allen Keys

These can be purchased at any hardware store and are very useful for other tasks also.
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