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Portarlington doors and windows are manufactured in a variety of styles and colours. Portarlington is one of the major towns in County Laois. The river Barrow flows through the town, it actual divides the town in two. The town is situated on the Laois and Offaly border. The land on the Offaly side is wet with lots of peat bogs, and on he Laois side it’s fairly dry. It’s well known that the town was constructed on a flood plain. It has become a very popular place to live since 2002. May new estates have been built and a large influx of people from the city of Dublin have moved here.

Portarlington doors and windows are custom made for all homeowners

Secure Portarlington Doors And Windows

The security of ones home is paramount. Burglars are very observant and will notice any weakness in home security. They will case areas and note homes that have old windows and doors hence making them vulnerable. The majority of break-ins are through front doors and rear windows. Burglars use prize bars to force doors with old locking systems, thus gaining entry silently and easily. Mostly they focus on, jewelry, laptops and cash. Over the last few decades car thefts have increased, so don’t leave car keys on you hall table.

Weatherglaze and Composite Door Systems are now installing the latest in hall doors and replacement windows in Portarlington. The doors come standard with a ten point locking systems and anti-snap locking barrels. By watching the latest Palladio video, you can see how durable these doors are.


At the time of posting single doors will cost from €1595.00 plus VAT and side lites around €600 per side. As the doors are custom designed a proper price can only be given after consultation with the customer. Doors are an important feature of any home, so customers like to put a little thought in to designing one that enhances the appearance of the building.

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