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Composite Doors Kildare covers all regions and towns within the county. The current focus of Composite Doors Systems is to offer a very high quality and durable door at affordable prices. In the current climate, homeowners feel the need to upgrade their security, especially the entry points to their homes and apartments and that is one of the many reasons why they choose Composite Door systems.

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Custom-Made Palladio Doors

Front Doors

Burglars now don’t waste time trying to gain entry through upstairs windows as they did in years gone by. The majority of burglaries now occur through the front door or side doors. Doors are manufactured to the design and detail selected by the customer. You can personalize your hall door with additional accessories.

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Composite Doors in Naas

Composite Doors Kildare is custom-made to fit exactly into your home. Prices vary from door to door, but currently, the base price for a single door is around €2000.00 plus VAT. This is a guide price for a genuine Palladio front door and frame.

Insulated doors are now required to upgrade any home to current standards. The focus of any homeowner is to achieve a rating of A plus. Composite Doors Kildare are ideally placed to satisfy this requirement. The doors are manufactured to the highest standards and achieve a combined u-value of 0,64. All weather seals are BS standard 9001/2000 and 7412. The triple-glazed units inserted in the doors use a warm edge spacer bar to enhance insulation.

Security In Palladio Doors 

Security with Composite Doors is second to none in the market. The current hardware used in the doors is PAS23/24 approved and with the hook and shoot-bolt locks, you will feel very secure. Thieves and burglars tend to look for easier options to ply their trade. It is a well-known fact that intruders use the front door to enter homes.

composite doors kildare


All Areas Covered

In terms of design, style and colour we can custom design a door from the Palladio Collection to satisfy all your needs. The product range from both companies is extensive and will present many options to create and design a unique door for your home.

composite doors Kildare

Secure Your Home today for an affordable amount and enjoy the feeling of security in your home.

composite doors Kildare

Palermo Composite Doors are considered to be one of the best doors in the market today.

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